Freaky frogs are coming...

and they are laying eggs.

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On November 1, there will be frogs eggs laid in the metaverse. These are no ordinary frogs. They are freaky--not in the "stay up all night shivering under your covers" sense. I mean they are freaky in the "let's get it on" sense. They like to spawn, and they will do it year round. Those who are lucky or determined enough to find a frog egg can nurture that egg for a short time and find that a freaky frog has been dropped into their possession.

There are 300 frogs in the first generation. These represent the number of species in North America. There will be eight generations altogether, representing the entire world population of the approximate 5000 species of frogs and toads (includes extinct numbers). The last 200 ever dropped will be representative of extinct species. These will be the most rare and only Discord members and Twitter followers will have the inside angle on landing one of these.

Besides building a frogtabulouly awesome community, we are also donating a percentage of every freaky frog purchase (first time purchase) to The Nature Conservancy, 501(c)3, to help protect natural habitats for amphibians and other amazing creatures.

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