About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Pond

We have a creative team of artists, an accountant, and a businessman who all believe in this project. We all believe in making our world a better place. And we are all determined to make this project succeed long-term.

Our Story

The idea for the Freaky Frogs came about in the summer of 2021 while Ryan was brainstorming about other NFT projects. While most of his NFTs are more artistic in the traditional sense, this project, while creative, looks beyond the art. Ryan has always loved spending time in nature. As a child, he enjoyed collecting frogs and other cool little critters. He would even rescue tadpoles from little pools that were drying up and relocate them to save them.

Ryan was a double major in college--Biology and Art. He went on to get advanced degrees in theology and philosophy. However, his nature-loving roots still influence his life today.  That is why this project will raise money to protect wetlands and forestlands in Appalachia--a place teeming with frogs and salamanders, but a place threatened by human impact. 

This is where The Nature Conservancy comes in. While they are an international non-profit, they have regional offices. The office in Elkins, WV is partnering with the Freaky Frog project. Donation results will be posted on this site.

Ryan assembled a team of talented and  hard-working folks to ensure long-term success.

Meet The Team

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