We have a plan and we mean to stick to it! Like most everything else in this world, success does not usually happen by accident. Here is our Roadmap to Success:

0 to 10% Sold

  • Freaky Frogs is a 7 generation, 7.5 k project. Each generation will be released separately and prices will be based on success of previous generations and the demand of the public.

  • The first generation will be priced between .005 and .007 on the Polygon Chain. 

  • Giveaways, community building, and promos are priority at this point. The leadership team is investing a significant amount of resources to maximize success.

  • Once approximately 90% of the first 300 frogs find new homes, the 2nd generation will include a pre-sale minting event.

25% Sold

  • At this stage, the giving back process will begin. This will include a 10% donation to our partnered charity.

  • We will distribute or "give back" to our holders that are involved in our Twitter or Discord communities.

  • The percentage given back to individual holders will be based on a ranking system on Discord that involves activity and ownership.

  • Community building and maintenance will continue to be a top priority.

  • A pathway to joining the leadership team is being discussed for outstanding community members. This is when that phase of the program would be implemented.

50% Sold

  • When approximately 3000 to 4000 NFTs are sold, we will have another "give back" event.

  • We will evaluate our partnered charity. If our team and our community has a consensus to continue the partnership with this charity, we will give back 10% of new sales (post 25% sales), to said charity. We will leave the door open for a potential change here.

  • We will give back another 10% to active community members and holders.

  • We plan to either launch a game or find other fun ways to bring utility to our frogs. We are already in conversation with a game developer.

75% to 100% and beyond!

  • This is an important phase in terms of longevity and loyalty. We will continue efforts to grow and maintain the community.

  • We already have a related project in the works in which all Freaky Frog holders will have entry level perks and pre-mint buying options and benefits. It is a 2.5k project that also involves amphibians. 

  • Active and higher ranked community members will have a major voice in the direction the project goes as far as charitable giving and giving back to community members.

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Every good product will find a way to successfully brand itself. The key is repeated exposure. Promotions and ads through crypto earning sites, blogs, social media platforms, and other relevant sites will ensure awareness of the brand in the NFT community.


While NFT's are becoming more popular, the community is still relatively small with plenty of room for growth. One of the directors of Open Sea shared with me that he is familiar with almost every project. He will know about us for sure!

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Community Building

More often than not, successful NFT collections have a community. Sometimes this happens by accident, but it usually happens with social media campaigns and catchy promotions. We have a detailed plan that includes airdrops, exclusive promos for Discord members, and entry level, competitive prices so members can profit as well. And oh yea, merch is coming....

Perhaps more important than having fun and making a profit, is the fact that our community will be making a real difference in protecting these awesome creatures' natural habitat. While our team is still discussing what percentage of initial sales will go to this project, it will be significant and all donations will be made public here on this site. Check out The Nature Conservancy's link to learn more about them.

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We are planning for growth. We have a team on standby to ensure that as we grow, we meet the needs and listen to the concerns of the community.


We will intermittently drop eggs and new generations of frogs. Collecting from one will enable community members to qualify for special perks and free drops for the next. In this sense, Freaky Frogs is a breeding project.

We want to grow financially, but our driving force will be on community development and sustained long-term growth on all levels.

We are launching this project on Open Sea where NFT's will be minted on the Polygon chain.

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Evaluation and Change

We have a plan and we are sticking to it, as long as it works. If the market changes we will make adjustments. While the goals of growth, community development, and charitable endeavors will not change, our marketing strategy must remain flexible to meet changes in the interest of the community.

It is impossible to predict with 100% certainty what will happen with any project. Many projects exceed expectations; others fizzle out for whatever reason. Sometimes things beyond our control affect the market demand.


While there are never guarantees with any investment, our goal is to succeed. If we succeed, the community does as well. If the community succeeds, so do we.

We want to hear from you. The best way may be through Discord. We can also be reached via the email link below.

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Feel free to reach out to us with questions or suggestions at