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I create art. That is what I do. For more than two decades, my art has been traditional paint on canvas or murals in local homes or buildings. I have partnered with local interior designers to produce art for homes and businesses. I have had art featured in brick and mortar galleries and studios. Now I am creating NFT's so that I can share my art with the world.  --ArtLynx

Here is how it began

As an art nerd growing up in school and later in college, I learned the basics of color and design theory. Although I was an art major, it was really more about the process of creating than moving in the direction of a career at this point.  Countless drawings and paintings later, I began to study graphic design and creative software. Throughout the years I have also been practicing as a musician and educator from the middle school through the university levels. 

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Yearbook image of me painting a mural of John Lennon at my high school

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The old frat shirt

Why Lynx?

As a college student, I joined a fraternity. Seems strange for an artist right? Well, I never really fit into any box. My animal name that I was given back then was "Lynx." I guess it took. Some folks have been calling me Lynx ever since then.

Fast Forward to Today

I know that there is a lot of missing in-between here, but I have landed in a place in the 2020's in which cryptocurrency and NFT's are mainstream. Art is my passion. I am intrigued by cryptocurrency. NFT's are a natural marriage of the two for me. I am currently focusing on several projects including the Freaky Frogs, the Art Lynx project, the Crypted project, and NFTrails. I welcome you to join me on this journey. Who knows what lies ahead?

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