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NFT Projects

Complete collections can be found by clicking on any NFT below and viewing on Open Sea.

The world of NFT's is changing fast. Besides a few pioneers in the beginning, very few people were making profit on NFT's. Now many creators as well as collectors are making loads of money on NFT's. If you look at various NFT exchanges, you will find a variety of projects, collections, and individual pieces. What will surprise you is the extraordinary amount of money or crypto people are paying for mediocre art. 

Why? Because, apparently in the NFT world, branding means a lot more than quality of art for some people. However, I am in a circle of writers and artists who think differently. Not only are we going out of our way to promote the brand of LynxArt, we want to create artistic NFT's that make beautiful additions to people's private collections. We plan to launch a print project in which first-time owners can claim an actual physical print of their NFT.

Our belief is that creating better, more artistic and attractive NFT's will be more sustainable for buyers and investors long-term.  After all, some owners will want to resell their NFT's for profit.

Each NFT created will be a one-of-a-kind. NFT investors and collectors prefer this due to an increase in value because of rarity.

Although each individual NFT will be unique, within each collection there will be similar pieces. This way you can put together attractive collections as you see fit without having to worry that you will miss out on the opportunity to get what you want. For example, within the Cryptos Crypted collection, there may be several dozen Bitcoin NFT's minted. However, there will always be subtle or substantial differences among them. Take a look at a sampling of the collections below: 

Mother Nature and Father Time 

FT Horizontal contrast enhanced Sig.jpg
MNFT full color sig.jpg
MNFT Horizontal Gem tie-dye.jpg
MN Vertical Close blue orange glass.jpg
MN Vertical Close blue.jpg

This series is based on an original acrylic on canvas painting by Lynx. It has been adapted via advanced creative software to create original one-of-a-kind NFT's. This series is part of the ArtLynx collection found on Open Sea.

Cryptos Crypted

Bitcoin Black Color Light Pixel Final 2.png
Ether Color Black Background Basic Pixel.jpg
DOGE Depth by Design Enamel Pixel adjusted.png
Tron Pixel Final 2.png

This new project is minted on OpenSea. Each NFT is uniquely designed. Some are pixelated. Others come in unusual artistic styles. Some of them have hidden messages if you look close enough.


Life Lynx Image cubist framed.png
Life Lynx Pixel orange glow.png
Life Lynx Image contours signed framed.png

This growing collection features Lynx and his friends. Several NFT's are available now on Open Sea.


 Bridge to Somewhere Signed.png
Shaver's Lake Trail with Kellie and Luke Retro Signed.png
Shaver's Lake Trail with Kellie and Luke Pixel Signed.png
Shaver's Bride Pixelated and signed.png
Bright Bridge to Somewhere Signed.png
Shaver's Lake Trail with Kellie and Luke Beauty Signed.png

NFTrails is a project that aims high and for the long-term. Lynx is an avid hiker and photographer. Trails from around the country will be featured in this project. The project has yet to launch. Stay tuned.