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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Read below to see my honest review of Cointiply.

Cointiply was my first crypto earning faucet. It is still my favorite overall. It came recommended to me by another writer that I respect. It has a variety of earning options and incentives to check in regularly. My first month, I earned about $45.00. I waited until I had a bit more before I completed my first withdrawal to my KuCoin account.

Notice the following image. At the top right where the blue arrow is pointing you will see my earnings. This was at the 30 day mark. The earnings are locked in by the dollar amount, regardless of how the crypto market is doing. Their coins have less value than Satoshis, but as you can see, it is still reasonable to earn several hundred dollars a year on this faucet.

Cointiply offers an incentive to keep a balance of 35,000 coins by giving you 5% interest. This is an option that you will have to choose in settings.

Most of my earnings come from surveys, ads, and simply spinning the wheel every hour. They also have a rain drops that fills up about every 30 minutes in the chat room. Once it fills up, everyone in the chat room gets a reward.

My favorite survey groups is Theorem surveys. Cointiply is one of the few faucets I have found that works with Theorem. These are great because you do not get disqualified as often as other survey groups. Even when you do, Theorem gives you a reward based on how long you were on the survey. Some other survey groups are not so kind. I actually did a 30 minute survey once on another site. I was near the end when suddenly the survey ended with a prompt that said, "Sorry, you were not a good fit for our survey." Really? You should have told me this 29 minutes ago. This will not happen with Theorem.

I did earn some coins by doing a couple of offers. I just recommend being careful about offers that you have to get to a certain level before you are rewarded. Many of these are extremely time consuming and difficult to reach without spending money on their game. The word games reward well. If your goal is to make money earning crypto, don't waste it all on games. If you just find a game that you really love, then I suppose spending a few bucks isn't all that bad.

Cointiply also offers gambling options. Some people really enjoy this. You can use coins that you have earned to try to wager for more coins. This isn't my cup of tea personally. I feel like I would end up losing my hard earned crypto. Each to their own.

You will have fun browsing the Cointiply site. Use my referral link below if you want to give it a try. My advice? Set you expectations at a realistic level. You aren't going to get rich but in your spare time, you can earn some Bitcoin. Visit each day for an increasing bonus.


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