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Coinbase Review

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Everyone has heard of Coinbase. Its a great wallet for beginners and intermediate investors. It also happens to be the biggest and most well known crypto exchange of all time. Most more advanced users also use other wallets like CoinbasePro, Binance, or KuCoin for more trading options.

It is worth pointing out that Coinbase is really easy--probably the easiest of all major exchanges to navigate and get your business done.

There are lots of referral incentives. In fact, if you open an account with my link, and deposit or buy $100 worth of crypto, we both get a $10 gift.

You can also earn free crypto by watchin short educational videos.

I have held on to my Coinbase account, primarily, because I still like it and I use it to hodl some of my significant holdings for bigger altcoins like Ethereum, Cosmos, Orchid, Algorand, and others. I also study the charts and will sometimes transfer my profit into the stablecoin, DAI. Once an altcoin that is on a long term growth curve has a significant dip, I will put the profits back into the altcoin. Of course there is always risk when trading like this, so buy, sell, and trade and your own risk.

You can earn up to 6% interest on some of the coins on Coinbase, but you may find some higher rates elsewhere.

There are problems with Coinbase, like not allowing really small deposits from faucets; or, there are fees that make small deposits almost pointless.

Rather than reinvent my own wheel, I am adding link to my Publish0x review of Coinbase where you can learn more:

Watch and Learn; Watch and Earn: Coinbase (publish0x.com)

If you want to visit Coinbase and use my referral link to open an account, click below:



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