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Free Litcoin and Free Bitcoin Cash

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

These two mobile phone apps are both offshoots of the Bitcoin Aliens games.

These two apps are basically identical with the exception that one collects Litecoin and the other collects Bitcoin Cash. I have both of these on my phone and throughout the day collect coins. When you sign up for the account, have your Litecoin address and Bitcoin Cash addresses ready. I am using my KuCoin wallet because they accept small transfers like this without a fee.

You cannot have an account without registering your crypto wallet. No problem. It will save you time later. You will have automatic weekly deposits into these wallets as long as you meet the minimum threshold for each app (100,000 Litoshis or 10,000 BCH Satoshis). You will probably not meet these thresholds each week unless you do a couple of surveys or one of their gaming offers. I recommend doing one of the Playtime offers first. These offers reward you based on the amount of time you spend on their games.

The hourly spinners for these two apps are a bit mesmerizing at first. The graphics are simple. Watching ads will get you more spins. These are great to do when you are standing in line at the store or killing time on a break at work. Most days I spin them a dozen times or so. I usually spin these once before bed.

I have only been using these a few weeks, but I have earned a few dollars worth of crypto in each one without too much effort. These two companies are great to work with you and your referrals. I have a buddy using the Litecoin app and every time he spins, I can see 10 percent going into my Litecoin collection on the app.


I am taking my links down as of June 9, 2021 because for no apparent reason all my Bitcoin Alien apps were made inaccessible from my mobile. I reached out to their customer service four times and never did get a reply. After doing some research, I found out that this happens to quite a few people. Until they address this issue, I can no longer recommend these apps.


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